Baldrs Draumar

by Garmr

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"Baldrs Draumar" is an ongoing recording project. The EP is a punishing blend of harsh noise, grindcore, and powerviolence, best paired with its sister piece, the "Manuscripts" EP. I recommend starting with the "Manuscripts" EP, and finishing with "Baldrs Draumar." This record is the culmination of months of hard work, and a lot of fucking around.

This album is currently being recorded. No release date has been determined. The track "AM 748 I 4to" is available to stream and download now. Clicking "Free Download" on this page will not get you the entire album at this time, only "AM 748 I 4to," "Fimbulwinter," and "GKS 2365 4º".


released September 8, 2016

Garmr is:

Luke: Vocals, bass, noise, synth, programming, guitar

Lyrics to "AM 748 I 4to" taken from the Eddaic poem, "Völuspá".
Lyrics to "GKS 2365 4º" taken from the Eddaic poem, "Baldrs Draumar".



all rights reserved


Garmr Moline, Illinois


ALWAYS recording.

Pick up my new full-length album, "SEELE," my new live EP, "Drones From The Island Vol. 3" and my new split with Dead Hawk now!

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Track Name: AM 748 I 4to
It sates itself on the lifeblood of fated men
Paints red the powers' homes with crimson gore
Black become the sun's beams
In all the summers that follow, weathers all treacherous.
The fetters will burst, and the wolf run free
Brothers will fight, and kill each other
Sisters' children will defile kinship
It is harsh in the world, whoredom rife
An axe age; a sword age
A wind age; a wolf age
No man will have mercy on another
Track Name: Fimbulwinter
Might of winter blowing south
Long Night ahead, purging this world's life
Blackened sun and howling wolf
Judgement's winter calls its host
This Fimbulwinter will extinguish us all
Track Name: GKS 2365 4º
He the saddle laid; rode thence down to Niflhel.
A dog he met, from Hel coming.
It was blood-stained on its breast,
At the sire of magic song - long it howled.